“Everything all at once”: Partnering with VDMA for sustainability in buildings!

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The Executive Board of the VDMA Automation + Management for House + Building Association in front of the campaign motif: Werner Ottilinger, Spokesman for the Management Board of Sauter-Cumulus GmbH (Chairman), Dr. Peter Hug, Managing Director of the VDMA Automation + Management for House + Building Association, Michael van Well, Member of the Management Board of Kieback&Peter GmbH & Co. KG (Vice Chairman) (left to right) © VDMA Fachverband AMG

For a long time now, room comfort is no longer the only requirement when it comes to buildings. Now it’s also about sustainability. And the key to combining comfort and sustainability lies in building automation. With this topic in mind, the VDMA trade association “Automation + Management for Houses + Buildings” (AMG) launched its new campaign in October – with us as a Platinum Sponsor. Their fundamental idea of “Everything all at once” really speaks to our soul.

Key technology: building automation

“Building automation. The industry. The benchmark.” – this informational campaign from VDMA situates building automation as a key technology for improving sustainability in the non-residential building sector. According to the German Energy Agency (dena), 37 percent of Germany’s net energy consumption is attributable to precisely this sector.

According to VDMA’s mission: it is no longer acceptable to have heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and other technical trades such as elevator and refrigeration technology operate independently. They have to work together as a complete digital system – which is fully in line with Kieback&Peter’s concept of modern building management. The result is a win-win situation for everyone. Not only do the recorded and evaluated data promote need-based and efficient building control, they also fulfill individual requirements of the German Building Energy Act (GEG).

The leitmotif of the VDMA image campaign "Building Automation. The industry. The benchmark." © VDMA Fachverband AMG

“Everyone is talking about reducing energy consumption, emissions and resource use. At Kieback&Peter, we actually walk the walk and have been offering cutting-edge solutions for years. We are in full agreement with how the VDMA has recognized the role that building automation can play for people and the environment and are providing a wealth of valuable information,” says Michael van Well, a member of the management board at Kieback&Peter. “That’s why, as a VDMA Platinum Sponsor, we’re actively supporting the industry’s move toward automated buildings.”


Intelligently designed, intelligently made.

Smart buildings and digital “building twins” are no longer the stuff of science fiction. They are real opportunities that leaders should take advantage of right now to make sustainability and energy efficiency a reality. By employing optimal digital services, they can save significant amounts of energy. But that’s not all! These services can also manage the generation, storage and provision of self-generated energy.

This helps to maintain and even increase the value of each individual building. What are the benefits? A healthier climate and a better quality of life! And that’s not to mention the economic benefits that a switch to smart building solutions can provide.

The future is now!

Board of Directors of the association Automation + Management for Houses + Buildings ǀ © VDMA Fachverband AMG

The VDMA AMG trade association is setting a bold example with its informational campaign: “We have to take advantage of digital opportunities to future-proof new and existing buildings right now. Sustainability is not a trend; it is the present and the only meaningful path forward. The numbers speak for themselves. A fully automated building saves almost 50 percent of total energy compared to the current standard,” concludes Michael van Well.




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