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Bethel Children's Center
At the Bethel Children's Center - one of the largest and most modern children's clinics in Germany - the BMS (Building Management System) Qanteon from Kieback&Peter takes over the specifically tailored, health-focused and economical operation of the building services. © Kieback&Peter

Qanteon is a key component for effective energy management in Kieback&Peter’s CO₂ roadmap. Digitalizing buildings makes it possible to reduce energy costs considerably, up to 50 %. The proven Qanteon system has been further developed and includes new services like Dashboard and Insights to provide a holistic solution for modern building operations.

Central access for intelligent energy management

Qanteon Hub
Qanteon Hub - centralized access to all Qanteon energy management services ǀ © Kieback&Peter

Kieback&Peter has taken a significant step in energy management. Qanteon Hub provides central access to all energy management services from Qanteon, including the new functions Dashboard and Insights.

With just one click, users can access the management software and use the platform to refine energy management and increase efficiency. This makes centralized control and maximum efficiency in building operations possible.


Qanteon Insights: Detailed insights on energy efficiency

Qanteon Insights
Qanteon Insights for detailed insights ǀ © Kieback&Peter

Qanteon Insights provides detailed insights into buildings’ energy consumption and makes it easier to optimize systems.

Users can modify evaluations on an individual basis and receive valuable information on reducing costs and CO₂ emissions.

Qanteon Dashboard: Overview for optimum control

Qanteon Dashboard
Qanteon Dashboard for a clear overview ǀ © Kieback&Peter

Qanteon Dashboard provides a clear presentation of important energy data and an individual configuration based on the user’s needs.

Thanks to its visualization of costs and consumption, it enables optimum control of energy management.

Two in one

Kieback&Peter’s smart basic software Qanteon combines building management technology and energy management in one system. Qanteon can be used flexibly as installation software or as a cloud solution. It is certified according to ISO 50001 and adapts to all building types and user requirements. By using real-time monitoring, Qanteon maximizes economic and ecological savings potentials while guaranteeing secure operations. Qanteon provides a comprehensive solution for secure, sustainable and economic building operations with its user-friendly interface and system-oriented presentation. 

“Qanteon’s services provide a new approach to complete consumption, cost and emissions transparency for our customers. They lay the foundation for intuitive and sustainable energy management and can help prevent climate change.” – Robert Patries, product manager at Kieback&Peter.

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