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Die Kleinstellantriebe der Baureihe MD15/MD50 bedienen Ventile in Heiz- und Kühlanlagen.
Now available with Modbus interface: The MD15 and MD50 actuators. © Kieback&Peter

Kieback&Peter’s communicative product series MD15 and MD50 is extended with small actuators including a bus interface Modbus-RTU. Additionally, MD15-MOD and MD50-MOD are equipped with further inputs/outputs. This allows additional data points to be connected to the bus system.

From the automation level to the field level

In conjunction with PICVs (Pressure Independent Control Valves), the preset volume flow can be controlled with MD15 and MD50. The thermal power as well as the energy measurement can be calculated directly. Both devices are able to control other actuators, i.e. for the changeover between heating and cooling modes, and detect valve leakages. The MD15 and MD50 thus bring intelligence from the automation level to the field level.

Good to know:

Suitable actuator derivates are available from stock for a wide range of valve series.

Operate buildings economically

The internal control function of the MD15/50 Modbus family enables a simplified room control. This reduces the workload on the controllers and consequently saves time and costs. In addition, the amount of wiring can be significantly reduced by connecting the I/Os in the systems.


Our flexible and intelligent MD15 and MD50 small actuators with Modbus communication support you in operating buildings efficiently.

Karsten Krause, Head of Room Automation at Kieback&Peter

The all-rounders

Both MD15 Modbus and MD50 Modbus are ideal for control in zone secondary units for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Equipped with a high protection code (IP54), the flexible small actuators are also suitable for humid environments. They can be used for a wide variety of room automation solutions and offer the best conditions for efficiency and comfort in buildings.  


Further technical details can be found on our product page.

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