The solution "en:predict" is certified by DGNB

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At global player Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH Kieback&Peter implemented the self-learning en:predict control system for energy-efficient operation of the production and administration buildings. © Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen

We are pleased to announce that our solution en:predict has received certification from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). This certification confirms our commitment to the sustainable optimization and decarbonization of buildings.

Certified solution en:predict

A key component of our sustainable strategy is the DGNB-certified solution en:predict. This solution continuously optimizes buildings and aims to achieve the "Silver" status in the DGNB certification system for buildings in operation in the recognized services category. Our customers benefit from optimized energy consumption and costs, as well as a quick measure for decarbonization.



Decarbonization optimization components

In addition to en:predict,we offer further optimization solutions for systems. This flexible solution family en:solutions from Kieback&Peter – designed for improved health and climate protection as well as operational safety – enables concrete steps to reduce CO₂ emissions and operating costs. With these solutions, customers can operate their buildings sustainably and efficiently, bringing both ecological and economic benefits.

Customer benefits in focus

Our customers benefit from certified solutions through reduced documentation efforts and increased planning security. The use of en:predict and other certified services leads to lower operating costs and a structured path to decarbonization.

Our membership in DGNB is an important step in providing our customers with sustainable solutions that not only protect the environment but also reduce operating costs and simplify planning and documentation processes.

Gregor Molwitz, Manager of Market Energy Efficiency Solutions

Knowledge transfer and networking

Our membership in DGNB grants us access to Europe's largest network for sustainable construction. We utilize this platform to transfer knowledge, establish new contacts, and actively participate in the exchange of best practices. This leads to innovative solutions and a broader perspective in the field of sustainable construction.


International engagement

We are also engaged internationally with DGNB in the sustainable planning, construction, and operation of buildings. Through collaboration with partners abroad, we contribute to spreading the German and European approach to sustainable construction worldwide.