en:solutions – smart digitalization for measurable energy savings in buildings

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Cube Berlin - Europe's most intelligent office building with automation solutions from Kieback&Peter
Cube Berlin - Europe's most intelligent office building with automation solutions from Kieback&Peter © Kieback&Peter

We are setting new benchmarks with the introduction of “en:solutions” – our range of control hardware and software solutions for smart buildings. Our en:solutions unite en:air, en:hybrid, en:predict and en:key, enabling safe, sustainable and efficient building automation. They underline our commitment to a better world and offer investors, property owners and building operators innovative solutions for achieving their sustainability targets.

Our vision for sustainability and CO₂ reduction

Cube Berlin - Europe's most intelligent office building
Cube Berlin - Europe's most intelligent office building with automation solutions from Kieback&Peter ǀ © Kieback&Peter

en:solutions from Kieback&Peter do not just offer technological progress; they emphatically set their sights on climate protection, health and operational safety. These solutions are the key to forward-looking smart building digitalization – particularly with regard to a building’s energy consumption – and they are making a huge contribution to realizing our vision of a sustainable future. To prepare the path to this future, we have defined clear goals for reducing our carbon footprint. Our CO₂ Roadmap is not simply a strategic tool; instead, it is a commitment to minimizing our environmental impact and making a positive contribution to climate protection. Through our en:solutions, we are advancing our mission of making the world around us more sustainable.

“As a Smart Building Solutioneer, we combine intelligent building technology, data-based services and a multitude of synergy effects to make evolutionary solutions. That’s the context for our faith in our en:solutions range, which includes specially developed control hardware and software,” explains Christoph Ritzkat, Chairman of the Executive Board at Kieback&Peter.


en:solutions – the bridge between vision and reality

Each solution module is optimized for a specific area of application and delivers concrete added value for energy management and the energy saving potential of a building or entire property portfolio.


en:air Demand-based ventilation control for maximum energy efficiency and outstanding comfort. 

en:hybrid Orchestration of hybrid heating systems for optimal efficiency and measurable savings. 

en:predict Intelligent, self-learning software (artificial intelligence) for predictive control of HVAC systems. 

en:key Intelligent individual room control for optimal energy efficiency and personalized comfort. 


These solutions do not just over proven efficiency; they can also be flexibly integrated into existing or new building automation. They let you achieve gradual and targeted improvements in efficiency, comfort and safety in your buildings.

Working together for a sustainable future

en:solutions lets us demonstrate our commitment to a sustainable
future. We invite investors, owners, building operators and companies to join our quest for a more sustainable world and make a positive contribution to climate protection together.

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