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Automation system DDC4000 meets highest BACnet standards

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DDC4000 automation system by Kieback&Peter
DDC4000 automation system by Kieback&Peter © Kieback&Peter

The DDC4000 automation system from Kieback&Peter has successfully passed the BTL certification upgrade: According to the latest BACnet Protocol Revision 1.20 (BACnet ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2016 Rev. 20), the DDC4000 system meets the highest international requirements for digital regulation, control and monitoring of building automation systems.

Successful upgrade of BTL certification

The BACnet-compliant interoperability of the devices was tested in May 2021 in an accredited BACnet Test Laboratory (BTL) and verified by a BTL certificate and by the award of the legally protected BTL logo.

Kieback&Peter’s DDC4000 automation systems were among the first ever BTL-certified BACnet building controllers in 2014. With the upgrade to the current BACnet standard to revision 1.20, their communication capabilities have been enhanced by the addition of new object attributes in the BACnet protocol. The advantages for building operators: HVAC systems, lighting control and shading can be controlled and monitored in a more differentiated manner. This provides a plus in energy efficiency and comfort. "Today, BACnet technology plays a key role when it comes to the economical and sustainable construction and operation of modern properties such as smart buildings. In tenders for public properties, for example, often only devices with a BTL label are approved," says Guido Garagnon, Product Manager at Kieback&Peter. "BTL-labeled products such as the Kieback&Peter’s DDC4000 controllers as well as our Qanteon building and energy management software, which has been certified in 2020 according to BACnet Protocol Revision 1.20, ensure not only smooth and secure communication between all building components across manufacturers, but also that the system can be adapted and expanded at any time. An added value that gives operators higher investment security."

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Key technology: BACnet

As a leading building automation system integrator, Kieback&Peter is a specialist for the integration of manufacturer-independent devices. The foundation for the integration is the uniform data exchange usually based on the open communication protocol BACnet (Building Automation and Control Networks), which became a worldwide standard in 2004 with its publication as ISO standard 16484-5/ANSI ASHRAE 135. It ensures technology-independent interoperability between devices and components from different manufacturers.


BACnet was developed in 1987 under the auspices of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), with the aim of providing a uniform company-neutral standard for data communication in and with building automation systems and to continuously optimize it. It became a worldwide standard in 2004 with its publication as ISO standard 16484-5/ANSI ASHRAE 135.

BACnet Test Lab (BTL)

There are currently four BTL labs worldwide where building automation compo-nents are tested and undergo the BACnet conformance test. The test process is based on the official BACnet test package, consisting of the BTL test plan and the ISO 16484-6 test standard. If successful, the product is awarded the BTL logo and entered in the BTL certification listing, the international register of all products with proven BACnet con-formity.