Sustainable Management

As an independent family company, we are not bound by short-term “shareholder value,” but to our own values. These are based on sustainability and reliable partnership. Kieback&Peter wants to set a good and pioneering example in the tradition of a down-to-earth medium-size company: We take on responsibility for people, the environment and the economy – internally and externally. The same applies to all our employees. And to a special degree to our executives, who exemplify genuine, sustainable business leadership on the basis of their own convictions. We place a particular importance on meaningful goals and tasks, transparent communication and trusting collaboration.

Compliance is a matter of course

We conduct all our business activities in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and other rules. That is a fundamental principle at Kieback&Peter. We place huge importance on a corporate culture where it goes without saying that everyone involved conducts themselves in a legally correct and responsible manner – be that employees, business partners or clients. This is the only way for us to ensure that Kieback&Peter enjoys a reputation as a reliable and fair partner everywhere throughout the world. Our compliance system is characterized by transparency and commitment. As well as our code of conduct, it includes regular training sessions, consultation and prevention and awareness measures.

Systematic sustainability


We make buildings more efficient and livable. But it’s not enough: Our entire corporate behaviour has an impact on human beings, the environment, and the economy. That is why we strive for sustainability in everything we do. Even though Kieback&Peter is exemplary in many areas, we want to be even better. We want to use energy and other valuable resources as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, we want to continually improve the quality of our products while also increasing environmental protection, occupational health and safety as well as information security. That is why we have implemented an integrated management system based on the proven “Plan Do Check Act” method. The system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 50001 and the procedural principles for occupational safety of the BG ETEM. In this way, we systematically and passionately ensure that Kieback&Peter becomes more sustainable every day.


Eva Franke
Head of Management Systems

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