Intelligently integrated room automation

Intelligent – comfortable – energy efficient

Integrated room automation is a central component of overall building automation. Smart room solutions ensure the intelligent interaction of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading — cost-saving and according to need. The system components are networked with one another and controlled to ensure that each room maintains a healthy and comfortable environment all year round.

At all times, systems such as heating and cooling work in harmony with each other, accounting for natural resources such as daylight, sunlight and fresh air to regulate the lighting and air conditioning. When a room is not in use, the active functions are shut down automatically to ensure minimum energy consumption. Depending on the type of building, installing highly efficient building and room automation systems can save you up to 50 percent of your primary energy use and significantly reduce your CO2 emissions — all while increasing user comfort.

Functions and applications

Kieback&Peter’s integrated room automation is a cross-technological solution that intelligently networks room automation functions for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading with demand-based control.

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Basic functions

The four basic functions comprising utilization schedule, occupancy analysis, “scene”-based room usage and separating wall control evaluate operating data and sensor information. The data acquired is then available across all the building services.

Room climate

Temperature and air quality control provides an internal climate with optimal living or working conditions. Comfortable temperature and optimized air quality are established through time- and demand-based heating, cooling and ventilation control.

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Demand and usage-based room lighting control provides benefits to the user’s comfort and well-being. It also increases the building’s safety and energy-efficiency while reducing operating costs.

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Sun shading

Automatic sun shading control with precise slat angle adjustment is an important component in achieving energy efficiency class A or B in accordance with DIN ISO 522120-1 and VDI 3813. It lets you optimize the internal room climate all year round.

Energy efficiency classes A and B

Energy efficiency classes A and B, which are a requirement for DGNB, BREEAM oder LEED building certification, can only be achieved with the use of room automation.

Class controlled: energy efficiency through room automation

The Kieback&Peter product portfolio offers smart solutions for a broad range of integrated room automation requirements – designed to be flexible and scalable for use in new or existing buildings. With their outstanding performance and reliability, our controllers, operating systems, actuators and sensors are made in Germany of premium quality. They ensure maximum usability and efficiency for operators and users alike.

An overview of our solutions and system components

Energy harvesting, wireless solution

The energy harvesting and wireless solution perfectly suits as a retrofit solution to existing buildings. It communicates via radio and requires no power supply. Thanks to the self-learning system it automatically saves room occupancy data. Thus, time-program setting is not needed.

Single room solution

Room controller with integrated sensors and room control: for heating, cooling and recirculation units. Control of air quality via variable volume flow controller. The dew point monitor against condensation on the cooling ceiling. Comfort operation via touch control panel.

Room controllers

Kieback&Peter’s range of room controllers offers high-performance single- and multi-room solutions to control all your room automation functions. Greater comfort and energy efficiency guaranteed through the regulation of temperature, CO2 content and humidity as well as lighting and sun shading.

Room control devices

Slim, elegant design combined with a high degree of user comfort: room control devices from Kieback&Peter can be quickly and easily integrated into any room environment with visual impact. Depending on the model, you can adapt the temperature, ventilation, lighting and sun shading individually to achieve the perfect room climate.

Room sensors

Room sensors from Kieback&Peter provide precise information about the measured variables required to effectively control room functions such as air quality, brightness or presence as electrical analog or digital signals.


Accurate, reliable and flexible: smart actuators provide the energy-saving control of radiators, heating and cooling ceilings, air circulation convectors or zone control. Can be used as a bus or radio-controlled solution.


Four good reasons for our room automation solutions

Demand-based room solutions optimize the building’s energy efficiency and reduce harmful CO2 emissions. On top of saving operating costs, this is a cornerstone for achieving the highest possible energy efficiency class A in accordance with DIN ISO 522120-1 and the requirements of building certification systems such as DGNB, BREEAM, or LEED.

Smart networking of the automation functions always ensures an optimal indoor climate with a comfortable temperature, the best air quality and intelligent lighting control with reduced artificial light. Sun shading control with automatic sunblind slat and shading adjustment provides reliable glare protection alongside a high daylight yield.

If the room use changes or additional services are required, our flexible and scalable systems can be rapidly adapted to new conditions — either in the renovation phase or during ongoing operation. Our wide product portfolio and intuitive operating concept provide custom solutions with optimized user comfort.

Alongside their high energy efficiency, Kieback&Peter solutions feature simple and efficient management that saves valuable time and money — from installation and commissioning to daily use and maintenance. These strengths pay off even when the building is repurposed or for retrofit integration into an existing system.

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