Kieback&Peter DDC4000 System

The kit for any automation: DDC controllers, gateways, I/O modules

Die Automationsstation DDC4200e von Kieback&Peter in der Frontalansicht
The DDC4200e controller model from Kieback&Peter. ǀ © Kieback&Peter

The 4000 System from Kieback&Peter covers gateways, I/O modules and automation stations in the DDC4000 series. This trio provides maximum flexibility and scalability. With the 4000 System, we can realize any automation projects for you – from a small ventilation system to complex interdisciplinary projects involving multiple properties and technical systems. As a leading system integrator, we link devices and BS components from any manufacturers in the building. Digital or analog bus signals, cable or wireless: with the 4000 System, we can control any bus system and protocol in home or building automation. Our controllers offer native communication via BACnet and LON. We integrate other languages such as KNX or DALI securely through gateways. Our I/O modules have numerous, freely configurable connections. The 4000 System integrates controllers, sensors and actuators in all BS: heating, ventilation, A/C, shading, lighting, fire protection and anything else you can think of. There are no secrets with us: the 4000 System is open and transparent to everyone to whom you grant access.

Eine Informationsgrafik zur Vernetzung des Systems 4000 von Kieback&Peter

The 4000 System from Kieback&Peter links all technical building systems easily. Whether by cable or wireless – it integrates all  home and building automation protocols.

Organize your control system yourself!

Die Automationsstation DDC4200e in einem Schaltschrank verbaut
A DDC controller with touch display on the control cabinet.  ǀ © Kieback&Peter

As an operator, you will benefit from our open source philosophy: you can plan and modify the control of your systems yourself at any time if you wish. The 4000 System puts 94 preconfigured objects at your disposal. Each object contains the typical control patterns for a specific assembly – such as a ventilation fan or a heating pump. The entire expertise that Kieback&Peter has built up since 1927 is in our object library. You can install the ready-made objects as they are. Or you can adjust the control specifications to meet your needs – e.g. by determining new setpoints or changing the regulating and performance variables. You can determine how your systems are controlled yourself, independently of us and other manufacturers. Of course, this requires a certain level of technical knowledge, which you can acquire or extend in the Kieback&Peter training center. If you would prefer to leave the detailed work to the professionals: we are happy to handle the planning, installation and maintenance for your sytems.

With a pioneering touch: the new Local Override

Honored with the UX Design Award 2023

Smart and stylish like no other – the new Local Override with touchscreen control from Kieback&Peter is here. The unique and innovative system solution wins over customers with its self-explanatory design, especially easy installation, comprehensive digital configurability, and safe operation.

Always in control: please, intuitively!

Our local priority control combines smart functionality and state-of-the-art product design. For this, the jury of the UX Design Awards has now honored us in the category "Product 2023". Among other things, the innovative solution impressed with its particular user-friendliness and digital configurability.

4 good reasons for the Local Override

As a system solution, the new Local Override by Kieback&Peter ensures the safe operation of buildings and fulfills all legal requirements like DIN EN ISO 16484 Part 2 / VDI 3814. The operating module scores a further win with its touch display technology with an energy-saving dimming feature unique to the market. For manual operation, the modules clearly visualize all relevant system statuses. All functions and data are presented in such a self-explanatory way that the system can also be operated by electrotechnical laypersons if needed thanks to the carefully conceptualized screen designs. Moreover, it does not have mechanical components such as switches or potentiometers.


The touch modules of the new operating module are based on common hardware and can be expeditiously mounted directly to the control cabinet door without an installation frame. Only a punched round hole is required for installation. Compared to conventional modules, it does not require a separate dust cover – the touch displays fulfill the IP54 requirements (protection against dust and water splashes). To clearly assign the controls, it is not necessary to separately label or engrave them; the respective information is simply programmed during the initial configuration and is then permanently visible.


The new generation of the Local Override by Kieback&Peter simplifies a lot – even the configuration. For commissioning, software can be used to assign the operating modules with the preferred functions. All the different functions and the user interface connected with them are configured in the Planning System 4000 and are tailored precisely to the respective need in just a few steps. No adjustments to the device itself (hardware) are necessary.


In terms of economic practicality, Kieback&Peter has designed the input/output modules of the Local Override for easy mounting on a standard rail in the control cabinet or remotely in an insulated housing. The installation and commissioning thus require little effort – also due to practical push-in terminals for the wiring. And there’s another practical advantage: The devices support hot plugging; maintenance and replacement are possible without interrupting the system operations. Everyone benefits from this device concept: control cabinet builders, service/commissioning technicians, and operators. Not to mention the stylish design of the operating modules.


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4 good reasons for the 4000 System

The flexible, open-source design of the 4000 System keeps all the options open for developers, planners and operators:

  • The modular conception allows you to expand your building automation as required. The maximum number of data points is not restricted.
  • Our controllers offer native handling of BACnet and LON protocols. We integrate all other protocols in home and building automation and all connection types from the various manufacturers via gateways and I/O modules. The expert system integrators from Kieback&Peter can help in tricky cases.
  • The powerful controllers of the DDC4000 series allow integration of up to 600 field devices (sensors, actuators, etc.) per automation station.
  • I/O modules are freely configurable and can process both digital and analog signals from field devices.
  • The field-proven bus system ensures fast control processes.

As an operator, you can plan and modify the control of your systems yourself in detail if you wish. To help you, 94 ready-made control objects are available to you in the Kieback&Peter object library. You can combine them like building blocks and configure and connect them as required – including during ongoing operation. Kieback&Peter’s entire ICE expertise gained over 90 years goes into the objects. Configure your control system yourself or put your trust in Kieback&Peter Services.

You can operate the 4000 System controllers via a touchscreen on the control cabinet. Or by remote access from your PC or mobile device. You don’t need to install additional software – a current web browser is sufficient. We can adapt the user interface individually to your requirements. All the building service components are displayed schematically on the screen. Behavior over time can also be displayed clearly. The 4000 System is self-explanatory to use – even laymen can understand the basics of the systems. If you have more expertise, you can make changes to parameters such as temperature or airflow with just a few clicks. Definable user rights for service and operator level also guarantee protection from unauthorized access.


Kieback&Peter makes the products of the 4000 System exclusively in Germany under strict quality, security and sustainability standards. Our concept of close, long-term collaboration also includes downwards compatibility of our systems with previous product generations. We know that our equipment often provides reliable service to Kieback&Peter’s customers over decades. The following product and company certificates guarantee the maximum reliability and investment security of the 4000 System: 

  • AMEV AS-B certificate (automation station with extended equipment)
  • LON certificate 
  • BTL-certified BACnet Building Controller (B-BC)
  • Integrated sustainability management as per ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 and 50001

The 4000 System fits for:

  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • A/C
  • Lighting
  • Shading

The 4000 System supports these protocols natively:

  • BACnet
  • LON

The 4000 System is certified according to:

  • BACnet Building Controller (BBC)
  • AMEV certificate as AS-B 
  • LON certificate

Future-proof BS planning – with solid, scalable systems

Sales engineer in building automation working at Kieback&Peter
We support BS planners and provide sustainable solutions.

New build and renovation projects often bring difficult decisions: investors and developers expect security of investment and want a good return on investment (ROI). They rely on the expert recommendation of architects and planners. Technical building services (BS) play an important part here. Buildings with fragile, inefficient technology, after all, are less useful and lead to higher operating costs. This reduces their market value. As a technical building services planner, you can always rely on Kieback&Peter: our products work stable and efficiently over decades – in some cases, they last longer than the building itself. We manufacture only in Germany to the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Our 4000 System is compatible upwards and downwards. It integrates both existing systems and newer installations cost-effectively using I/O modules and gateways. With particularly exotic or outdated technology, the system integrators from Kieback&Peter help with hardware and software migration and, if necessary, virtualization.

Catalog & Data Sheets

These are just a few of our highlights. Of course, we have much more to offer: Our portfolio comprises around 1,300 products. More info and technical details about all products can be found on Kieback&Peter’s extranet.

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RCC/RCN Room Controllers

The flexible all-rounders for room and zone regulation

Die Raumregler-Modelle RCC und RCN in der Frontalansicht
RCC/RCN Room Controllers from Kieback&Peter. ǀ © Kieback&Peter

Turn rooms into oases of well-being: innovative room controllers from the Kieback&Peter RCN/RCC family. Fitted in false ceilings (RCC) or installation distributors (RCN), they take care of all aspects of comfort – heating, cooling, ventilation and more. They can be configured easily or programmed individually, meet all control requirements and are also economical: in standby mode, the RCN15 barely consumes one watt, for example.

50% time saving

The RCC cuts installation time in false ceilings by 50%.

Meeting every requirement – from simple to exotic

The first class hotel Prince de Galles offers luxury rooms and suites.
Kieback&Peter room automation in a luxury hotel in Paris  ǀ © Kieback&Peter

Luxury hotel, office complex, university: developers and users have very specific requirements of room automation. Take the example of a projector presentation in a conference room: the blinds and screen come down automatically at the press of a button and the lighting is dimmed to 50 lux. With the RCC and RCN Room Controller, solutions can be created in combination with selected products for sun protection and lighting that meet these requirements easily and quickly. Our controllers are already pre-configured for many standard applications in the field of light, heating and multi-level ventilation – saving time and money during commissioning. We meet complex requirements for you with Kieback&Peter’s freely programmable room controllers. Another advantage of the RCC models: thanks to their practical housing, they can be fitted in false ceilings with a few quick steps. Our smart controllers communicate with any room control components, sensors and actuators irrespective of manufacturer – via native LON and EnOcean. We can also integrate other protocols easily, including KNX or DALI.

5 good reasons for RCC/RCN

The room controllers of the RCC/RCN family offer all essential standard applications for monitoring and controlling room temperature and air quality. The following can also be integrated:

  • Heat/cooling registers
  • Radiators
  • Heat/cooling ceiling
  • Window contacts
  • Ventilation with fans, window drives and air flaps
  • CO2 monitoring

Unlike the RCN controllers, which are for control cabinet installation, the RCC room controllers, which work in the same way, are for installation in false ceilings. In conventional systems, a fitter must first install the controller in a special housing – a time-consuming process. Kieback&Peter RCC controllers are in the right housing straight from the factory. Everything is prepared for the wiring, too: strain relief and support terminals are in place. Spring-loaded terminals also save on installation time.

The high-end RCC 200-L and RCN 200-L controllers meet all of the individual requirements of room automation – including:

  • Energy shut-off when a window is open
  • Free night cooling in summer with external air intake before daybreak
  • Automatic energy selection, e.g. heating/cooling with external air instead of the heating or A/C system
  • Compensation in summer to efficiently converge inside and outside temperatures 
  • Use of sun protection to support heating or cooling (thermo-control)

The RCC room controllers supply power to all connected actuators and sensors. No additional power supply units or wiring are required. 

No one has to climb a ladder or fiddle around with a screwdriver to put an RCC room controller into operation: simply hold a magnet against a connected room control component – and the system is active.

Ralf Klimpel ist Produktmanager bei Kieback&Peter

Questions about RCC/RCN?

Ralf Klimpel
Product Manager

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RCC/RCN Controllers fit for:

  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • A/C
  • Lighting
  • Shading

RCC/RCN Controllers are certified according to:

  • BACnet
  • LON
  • EnOcean

RCC/RCN Controllers are certified according to:

  • eu.bac certificate
  • DIN EN 60730-1: 2012-10 (standard for automatic electrical control units)