Support with BS-planning and implementation

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Experienced engineers from Kieback&Peter advise you on BS and ICE planning. ǀ © / Adobe Stock

New build or renovation: project planning is getting ever more complex – and that applies in particular to technical building services: HVAC systems and ICE equipment are becoming smarter and more interlinked. IoT solutions are moving from the home to the professional market. The physical world of the building is merging with the virtual IT world. As a planner or operator, you not only have to maintain an overview of the latest technology. You are also confronted with countless specifications for energy efficiency and safety. And you want to complete your projects quickly and cost-effectively. We will not let you down: our experienced engineers are there to advise you during BS planning. The Kieback&Peter project manager coordinates delivery of our services on site. And our technicians take care of installation and commissioning on site. The experts from our pool of consultants are also available to help you with issues such as system integration, data management, IT security, energy efficiency and funding.


Increased reliability and efficiency in building planning with Building Information Modeling

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To facilitate streamlined building planning, investors and operators along with architects and planners are increasingly relying on the digital design method Building Information Modeling (BIM). For this purpose, all trade data is merged into a digital building model even before the start of construction, enabling better coordination of the specialist disciplines. This provides greater planning reliability and optimizes productivity in all project phases in terms of costs, resources and time for an efficient building life cycle.

Kieback&Peter will gladly assist you at every step of your BIM projects, from design through construction to the operational phase.

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Energy systems

Maximum transparency for your properties

Qanteon verbindet Energiemanagement (EMS) und Gebäudeleittechnik (GLT) in einer übersichtlichen Software.
Qanteon combines energy and building management in one clear system. ǀ © sdecoret / Adobe Stock, Kieback&Peter

How is the energy consumption for my properties billed? What exactly do the meters measure? What are the energy performance indicators I need for ISO 50001? Which efficiency measures pay off? Questions like this can be answered only with a solid base of data. The economist Peter Drucker knew: “What gets measured gets managed”. We help you to develop a sensible energy data management system. We work with you to create the basis for good investment decisions and effective energy-saving measures. The Kieback&Peter service includes, for example:

Whether for simple analyses of individual buildings or benchmarks for complex property: our experts support you from the outset and are there to advise and provide practical help during subsequent operation. We plan on the basis of sound judgment of your individual needs – from pragmatic solutions to premium services.

Service benefits at a glance

Planning and checking investments properly

We show you where you have the greatest savings potential in your properties. Using internal or industry benchmarks, we analyse which refurbishment measures are really worthwhile and which you can postpone. Based on the energy and building data, you can compare the payback periods of various measures in advance and forecast the return on investment (ROI) - thus minimising the investment risks. With good monitoring, you can also check how successful your measures are and share the results with others. This creates more transparency and acceptance with all involved.

Less energy at lower prices

Load profiles will show you how much electricity your properties require and when. We analyze recurring patterns in your load profiles – for example, the day of the week or time at which energy consumption is particularly high, and which consumers are responsible for the peaks. To do so, we develop the right measurement concept, which includes other sub-meters or temporary, mobile measuring devices, as necessary. Only when you are familiar with the causes and details can you cut your load peaks: you can temporarily switch off systems that do not have to run during peak load times. Not by hand, of course, but using Kieback&Peter automation. That has a double savings effect: by identifying and switching off silent consumers, you can save energy. If you reduce your load peaks, you will often be given preferential terms by your energy provider.

Avoid penalties and fines – enhance your green image

The Energy Services Act (EDL-G) requires large companies in Germany to carry out an energy audit every four years. If this is not done, large fines are likely. Alternatively, you can also introduce an energy management system that meets ISO 50001 or an environmental management system in line with EMAS. No matter which option you choose: the measures must cover at least 90 percent of your entire energy consumption. Inspection of systems is also prescribed – external auditors take a close look at the use of energy and user behavior on site. Companies must draw up an energy balance sheet, list potential savings, and calculate their cost-effectiveness. What seems to be a burden and a cost driver at first sight can actually bring savings, process improvements, funding and benefits in terms of image if it is carried out professionally. Our experts are happy to help you with planning and delivery.

Governmental incentives for smart technologies

There is great potential for savings in existing buildings. This has also been noticed by the government. Federal, state and municipal authorities provide a range of funding for renovation work in residential and non-residential buildings. The programs range from optimization of heating systems to hydraulic balancing and to funding credit for energy-efficient building and renovation. They are run by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA), the Reconstruction Credit Institute (KfW), and other government bodies. Numerous efficiency products from Kieback&Peter attract funding in this context: single-room controls, actuators, controllers, energy management software, meters and much more. We advise you not just on a technical level. Our consultants explain to you what funding is available for your project and help you to apply for it.

Goodbye to pen and clipboard

In older properties, the facility manager often has a time-consuming task: He walks through the individual buildings with a clipboard under his arm and reads each meter individually. He then transfers his notes by hand to a digital system so that commercial staff and energy managers can evaluate them later. There' s no need for that: a facility manager has more important tasks. We'll show you how you can read older meters remotely and integrate them into a digital system - without having to convert to smart meters.

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Other services

We assist you not only with the planning and implementation of your projects. Our services follow buildings throughout their whole lifecycle: maintenance, optimization, training, etc. Find out more now!

To the service overview

System integration services

IT consulting, migration and virtualization

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A good third of buildings in the EU are over 50 years old. Their inner life is often like a museum of technology – everything is installed, from the analog controller to the modern heating pump. What might delight historians soon becomes a problem for operators of large properties: safe and efficient building operation needs a central monitoring and control system in which all of the systems are integrated so that they smoothly work together. This is a real challenge: the devices not only date from different ages of technology, they also come from a wide range of manufacturers. They don’t speak the same language, do not have consistent connections, work with analog or digital technology on various proprietary platforms. As a leading system integrator, Kieback&Peter maintains an overview of this complex world. Whether serial technology in older buildings or virtualization in modern computer centers, we integrate every system and master all the communication protocols. Our experts take care of the details to leave you free to do your job without worrying.



Service benefits at a glance

Cost-effective and appropriate renovations

Kieback&Peter is a leading system integrator. We are known in the industry for being able to transfer all technical building systems and ICE-technology into a clear and central automation system. Analog and digital. Whether it’s BACnet, LON, EnOcean, KNX or another building automation protocol, we’re familiar with all bus systems, languages, cable and wireless connections. And we are not scared of any device, no matter how old. If you wish, we can also connect your old, serial technology to a modern computer center. Not everything that is a bit dusty has to be replaced immediately. Complete renovations soon run up the bill, so we will be happy to develop a migration concept that meets your needs for gradual replacement. Our motto: we make things easy!

Hedging according to ISO 27001 and BSI law

Global networking of technical building systems, IT networks, apps and other platforms brings more than just advantages. It also brings dangers: whenever data are being exchanged, there is a risk of unauthorized access. The data can be saved without permission, manipulated or used for illegal purposes. The result can be operational failures, serious personal injury or material damage. Operators must take special precautions to minimize the risks. This applies especially to critical infrastructures – that is, energy and water supply, food, health, finance, transport, traffic, information and communication technology. Especially strict statutory provisions and standards apply to this critical sector. But other organizations should also protect themselves adequately against hackers in their own interests. Our IT consultants keep an eye on the legal and technical requirements for you and help you design the architecture of a secure system.

Ready for IoT and artificial intelligence

In building automation, virtualization simply means: replacing hardware with software. Why? Software can be run in any good computer center so that it is failsafe and redundant. There is no wear and it does not have to be maintained on site. Software is also easier to manage and is scalable in both directions: instead of buying new hardware, the operator simply orders a license and the computing capacity required for it. Another advantage of cloud solutions: bundling the building data centrally makes it easier to exchange them with other systems via standard interfaces. This is the basis for added-value services based on big data and artificial intelligence (AI) – like Model Predictive Control 2.0 from Kieback&Peter. Our experts take care of virtualization of your building control technology (BCT). They help you to transfer the building data securely to the cloud. And they show you how the signals from the computer center get back to your systems without disruption. In this way, we prepare your building for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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