Turn any building into a smart system

Digital building automation is the key to economically operating any real estate property as a future-proof smart building with incredible energy efficiency. With building automation solutions from Kieback&Peter, we can integrate heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting, shading and other building technology into one centralized smart system – whether the building is new or old, a hospital, shopping mall, school or office block. By networking the facilities, we ensure maximum energy efficiency during building operation, meeting the most stringent requirements for comfort, safety and economy.

Building automation significantly reduces CO2 emissions in the building sector and creates transparency, with all the building data accessible at any time through the building management system. Custom visualizations allow you to monitor and operate your system with ease.

Energy efficiency

A fully automated smart building saves up to 49% of the building’s total energy use compared to a conventional building.

Smart solutions for building automation

cube berlin – the smartest office building in Europe, with an automation solution from Kieback&Peter
cube berlin - the most intelligent office building in Europe, equipped with a complete automation solution from Kieback&Peter ǀ © Kieback&Peter

Kieback&Peter’s measurement, control and regulation technology is the cornerstone of our building automation. This hardware is usually installed inconspicuously around the building and includes sensors, actuators, controllers and switch cabinets. At a higher management level, the Kieback&Peter software takes over the complex tasks related to energy and building management. This ensures the smart and energy-efficient operation of your facility.

Cornerstone for intelligent buildings

Our components incorporate premium quality and maximum usability. We translate your requirements into practical and innovative solutions for intelligent buildings.

Actuators – Kieback&Peter


Precise, reliable and flexible, actuators from Kieback&Peter are the steady workers of the building automation world. Made in Germany of the highest quality, they offer a long service life and maximum operational safety.

Sensors – Kieback&Peter


Our sensors supply precise information as electrical analog or digital signals about the measured variables required to effectively control room functions — such as temperature, air quality, brightness or occupancy.

A DDC controller with touch display on the switch cabinet – Kieback&Peter


Whether your building needs room automation or closed-loop control of complex primary systems: Kieback&Peter controllers provide the right solution for every requirement. Flexible. Scalable. Secure.

Kieback&Peter software


Intuitive operation, award-winning design and smart functions — naturally, software from Kieback&Peter is eye-catching and fun to use. However, it also provides tangible added value through efficient, safe and simple building operation.

Five good reasons to choose our building automation

Building automation is a cross-technological solution that networks all the building’s energy-intensive systems. A fully automated office building (automation class A) uses 30% less thermal energy and 13% less electricity than a reference building with automation class C. These values are taken from the standards DIN V 18599-11 and EN 15232. The Biberach University of Applied Sciences even came up with energy savings of 49% in a two-year practical study. However, they only represent approximate averages — the savings vary depending on the project and building.

Kieback&Peter solutions provide security for investors, operators and users in all areas related to building operation. Count on Kieback&Peter to:

  • Ensure operational safety, adherence to legal requirements and investment protection
  • Guarantee continuous plant availability
  • Provide immediate assistance in the event of malfunctions or failures
  • Modernize your building operation

Live and work in comfort! We at Kieback&Peter are experts in room comfort and automated and customized room control. Both users and operators benefit from our focus on comfort, as smart networking makes residential buildings and neighborhoods more simple, efficient and safe. The digital automation system reduces the workload for building managers, while the temperature is optimized and centrally controlled. 

Building automation is a sound investment. In new builds, it accounts for only roughly 1 to 2% of the construction costs. This minor outlay usually pays for itself after a few years, since building automation offers impressive savings potential during ongoing operation. Furthermore, smart and sustainable buildings with certifications such as DGNB, LEED or BREEAM are in hot demand on the real estate market, enjoying high value stability even in times of crisis.

Climate change, urbanization, globalization and digitization are today’s global fixations. As a result, demanding new requirements are being placed on building automation – particularly in relation to alternative energy forms (“smart grid”), new ways of living and working, the international harmonization of standards and norms, and digital networking (“Internet of Things”). Our solutions provide answers to these ubiquitous concerns, helping to future-proof buildings across the globe.

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