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Our solution for climate-neutral building stock

Kieback&Peter's CO₂ Reduction Roadmap is a package of solutions for reducing CO₂ emissions in buildings. This enables investors, owners and operators to meet the challenges of our time, such as climate protection, digitization and sustainability. Smart technical measures help them to maintain the value of their properties and minimize costs. This way, you ensure that your properties retain their value while minimizing running costs.

Reducing CO₂ according to plan and "from a single source"

CO2 Roadmap from Kieback&Peter
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Reducing CO₂ emissions is a top priority on our way to a climate-friendly world. Real estate is still responsible for around one third of emissions. The challenges facing our society as a whole also place demanding requirements on buildings and therefore on their building automation. This includes many areas: alternative forms of energy, the synchronization of multiple, simultaneously present energy and heat production plants, new ways of living and working, the international unification of standards, as well as digital networking for the "Internet of Things". The solutions presented in Kieback&Peter's CO₂ Reduction Roadmap provide the answers to these developments and help buildings across the world to retain their value and stay future-proof. As such, our experts in smart building automation are creating a symbiotic link between added value in buildings and sustainability.


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Kieback&Peter's CO₂ Reduction Roadmap is suitable for all building types. Additionally, it complies with all relevant standards and can be standardized.

Inventory analysis

We identify your baseline energy status and set CO₂ targets in connection with corporate objectives (KPIs) and commercial considerations (CapEx, OpEx, funding opportunities).

Technical concept

We develop a smart concept to improve how all components interact with each other and maximize efficiency.

CO₂ reduction

We guarantee to add value with optimized continuous operation, monitoring, remote maintenance as well as regularly monitoring target achievement: CO₂ reduction.

Three steps, three months, one climate goal: net zero

Within three months, the CO₂ Reduction Roadmap can deliver lasting benefits to stakeholders by reducing CO₂ emissions and making energy savings. For this purpose, experts will develop and implement a bespoke solution package for each property, based on up to nine standardized modules. This includes everything you will need – from measurement, control and regulation technology, software and hardware "Made in Germany" to data-based services such as cloud solutions for optimal and sustainable building operations. For example, the building retains it value by avoiding “stranded assets”, and we see an increase in the return on sales by reducing costs – all within attractive pay-back periods for the investments.

Our roadmap for you: 9 modules in 3 months

Analysis and consulting to make an impact on business

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The first step of our CO₂ Reduction Roadmap involves getting a clear and concise baseline for your energy consumption. We then agree on the amount of CO₂ emissions to be reduced up to the climate target, which is set by the customer. This also takes into account interactions with corporate objectives as well as a variety of financing options (CapEx, OpEx, subsidies) in line with your company’s respective principles.



Measuring and analyzing for efficient energy use

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In the second step of the CO₂ Reduction Roadmap, Kieback&Peter efficiency experts will examine all relevant factors such as building technology, plant substance, energy flows, utilization and environment. From this, they develop a technical and commercial concept for determining CO₂ baselines and savings targets, taking customers’ individual needs into account. In doing so, they observe the highest safety standards for the actual work to be done inside the property. It is also possible to integrate an entire building portfolio upon request – Kieback&Peter's proximity to its customers with its international branches means that we are able to provide this service across Europe. In each case, the focus falls on digitally networking all relevant energy systems, sensors and other information sources via smart DDC controllers using Qanteon, the central visualization and analysis software.


Make and document physical savings

In the third step, this powerful digital system records and evaluates all parameters in real-time, monitors the connected components so that you can see your energy consumption at all times, and, subsequently, minimizes the CO₂ emissions of the building – all while maintaining the required level of comfort. This networked building technology draws upon Kieback&Peter's many years of expertise and, as such, it is able to operate systems in a targeted manner – effectively reducing CO₂ emissions as a result. This effect of lower environmental impact is also documented for a variety of stakeholders, including the community, shareholders, employees and authorities in accordance with regulations.


Future-proofing with digitally controlled sustainability

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You will be on your way to your goal of sustainable CO₂ reduction in no time at all thanks to the third step of the CO₂ Reduction Roadmap. The smart Qanteon software constantly regulates how all factors interact with each other in real time and adjusts plant operations accordingly – it is also possible to do this remotely as required. Innovative technologies can also make a contribution here – for example, predictive algorithms that "get to know their building" are able to predict heating requirements for the near future, or reduce the amount of energy consumed by ventilation systems in large halls.


Code 3-3-0: The CO₂ Roadmap is making sustainability a reality in buildings

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The CO₂ Reduction Roadmap is of interest to investors, owners, building operators and long-term users, and not just because it can significantly reduce operating costs. This smart system, with its intuitive Qanteon software, also makes numerous evaluation options and tools available to you – visualized using logically comprehensible dashboards. Documentation and accountability obligations can be fulfilled simply, effectively, and transparently with the help of these tools. Kieback&Peter combines consulting and technical implementation to deliver real added value: Our sustainability experts provide your customers reliable support to ensure that all legal and social requirements are to fulfill, the value of the building increase customer, and the investment is future-proof. The CO₂ Reduction Roadmap represents a shared path to achieving a common goal: lived sustainability and optimized value retention.


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