The integrated system for energy and building management

Qanteon verbindet Energiemanagement (EMS) und Gebäudeleittechnik (GLT) in einer übersichtlichen Software.
Qanteon offers a clear overview of the energy and building data. ǀ © sdecoret / Adobe Stock, Kieback&Peter

Qanteon combines Energy Management (EMS) and Building Management System (BMS) in a single software package. Energy management according to ISO 50001 and operational management of building technology are child’s play. The design of the Qanteon user interface is so easy and intuitive that it has already won several design prizes. Its system-centered display helps users to grasp all operating statuses and energy flows quickly. The software for Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM software) uncovers efficiency potentials in highly complex building operations. It supports the implementation and control of energy saving measures. Qanteon is not only efficient. It's fun.

2 Worlds – 1 Click

System visualization and consumption data are two different worlds: with Qanteon, they are just a click apart.

A bridge between controlling and technology

Zwei Männer unterhalten sich über Werte auf dem Tablet
Technicians, controllers and energy managers benefit from Qanteon  ǀ © industrieblick / Adobe Stock

Technicians and business people often see buildings from different angles: the technical staff ensure, above all, that the systems run safely and the building users are comfortable. Controllers and energy managers tend to be more interested in consumption, savings and key performance indicators (KPI). Thanks to Qanteon, these two sides can work better together – on the basis of an integrated view and data base. Technicians have a better sense of efficiency, consumption and costs. Controllers and energy managers understand the technical relations in the systems better. They can switch between system views and energy reports with a single click. Users can choose their preferred visualization – from a traditional DIN display, through modern 3D animation to efficiency benchmarking in a four-square diagram. Everyone involved thus has a clear overview in the growing jungle of data. Thanks to the excellent usability of Qanteon, new users quickly find their way around.

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5 good reasons for Qanteon

Qanteon combines a certified building management system with the functions of energy management software (EMS). Qanteon thus bridges the gap between the business people and technicians to ensure safe and efficient building operation.

In developing Qanteon, we focused on a tidy front-end and excellent usability. Our aim: Qanteon should not just be efficient and useful, but also fun to use. We clearly succeeded: Qanteon users and renowned design and usability experts gave the software the German Design Award 2018 and the UX Design Award 2016.

Qanteon is the first software package that has passed the strict test of BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) while meeting the requirements of the ISO standard for energy management and the German Energy Services Act (EDL-G). Qanteon is certified as a BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation (B-AWS) and carries the TÜV seal for energy data management as per ISO 50001.

Qanteon can process the energy and building data for different users according to different use cases. To prevent users from getting information overloads, only the most relevant information is presented to them. For example, a ventilation technician needs to see the HVAC systems. However, he does not want to receive a push message on his smartphone if the lighting is broken. Qanteon therefore works with different user roles that are assigned different rights and views, depending on their responsibilities. Unimportant visualizations or sensitive data are shown or hidden accordingly.

Desktop or mobile device: Qanteon can be operated conveniently with any standard browser and is thus independent of operating systems and hardware platforms. Qanteon uses HTML5. Communication between the Qanteon server and the clients is provided via a secure HTTPS connection.

Qanteon fits for:

  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • A/C
  • Lighting
  • Shading
  • Fire safety
Eine Auflistung der Protokolle, die Qanteon unterstützt

Qanteon supports these protocols natively:

  • BACnet
  • LON
Eine Auflistung der Zertifikate der Software Qanteon

Qanteon is certified according to:

  • B-AWS
  • ISO 50001
  • Complies with the provisions of the German Energy Services Act (EDL-G)
Eine Auflistung der Awards der Software Qanteon

Qanteon has won these awards:

  • German Design Award 2018
  • UX Design Award 2016

Connect Service Platform

Secure remote access to your systems, including online services

Die Software Connect wird auf einem Tablet bedient
Connect gives you remote access to your building automation. ǀ © Brian Jackson / Adobe Stock, Kieback&Peter

Using Connect, you can access your building automation at any time from any location over the Internet. And with maximum security: Connect meets the strict ISO 27001 standard for critical infrastructures. The level of protection matches that of online banking. Simply log into Connect via a browser – immediately you will see the familiar user interfaces of your systems. You can do remotely everything that you would normally do on site. For example, you can check the system status and change setpoints or programs. Kieback&Peter can also access your systems remotely via Connect – provided that you give your permission for access. Thus, you can also benefit from Kieback&Peter online services: Our support and service technicians use Connect to carry out diagnostics, updates or remote maintenance online, usually just as precisely as if they were on site. This saves time and money for long journeys. With Connect and the right Kieback&Peter service package, your systems are always in top condition.

Guaranteed secure

With Connect you always keep building automation in your hands: external access only with your consent.

Fast help in emergencies and on weekends

In hospitals and other sensitive areas, the technology must never fail. If there is a problem, we use Connect to access your system in seconds and find the fault. 

Faults in system or building services are often emergencies: the risks are not just of damage, operating or production shutdowns. In some cases, people’s health or lives are at risk – in hospitals, for example, or for energy and water supply companies. Critical systems, though, are usually very safe and have redundancies. But wherever human beings and technology work together, errors do happen from time to time. With Connect from Kieback&Peter, remote first aid is available in the blink of an eye – much faster than any technician could reach you. Remote diagnostics does not solve every problem on site. But it is always better if the experts on standby have the right tools and replacement devices with them. Operators also use Connect in their everyday working lives – such as a Facility Manager who looks after several shopping malls at once: he does not have to go to each site to sort out the smallest issue. He can control the system parameters conveniently from his desk. He can even provide standby service at the weekend from a tablet on his sofa.

Jan Wenig ist Produktmanager bei Kieback&Peter

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Jan Wenig
Product Manager

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5 good reasons for Connect

Connect has the same protection level as online banking: the platform is designed to the latest IT security norms and certified in accordance with the strict ISO 27001 information security standard. Its encryption technology is always kept up-to-date by automatic configuration management. We link the controller to the Connect platform via special routers and by means of secure VPN tunnel connections. We have a selection of pre-configured hardware at our disposal for this. We use the existing infrastructure in your building or, if necessary, we create a new one. Mobile radio, DSL or existing company network: security is key. Connect works exclusively on reliable, protected servers operated by Kieback&Peter in Germany. Communication with clients is IP-based and encrypted over HTTPS.

Using Connect, operators can access their systems at any time and from anywhere in the world. The only prerequisite: Internet and a standard web browser. The Connect platform integrates any number of building automation systems of any size and manufacturer. With the operator’s permission, Kieback&Peter’s service technicians also have remote access.

With Connect, you always remain in control of your building automation system: remote access by third parties is possible only with your explicit consent. Only you decide which users can access your systems when and with which rights. In Connect, you can set up individual user roles with corresponding rights and restrictions for every application. Or you can grant only temporary access – for short-term service work by Kieback&Peter, for example. All via web browser, of course. The logbook function offers additional transparency. This documents all access and activities in detail and sends the documentation to the operator and other parties involved on request.

If you take out a 24/7 service contract with Kieback&Peter, we will be on the job immediately to handle any faults or breakdowns. With Connect, we can trace many causes of faults by remote diagnostics and send the right service provider to you instantly with the right piece of equipment – a replacement pump, for example. This saves vital minutes and can often prevent worse.

With its simple usability and transparent access rules, any user can easily find their way around the Connect platform. As Connect is browser-based, you do not need to install special software or an app on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Eine Auflistung der Einsatzbereiche der Software Connect

Connect fits for:

  • Heating
  • Ventilation 
  • A/C
  • Lighting
  • Shading
  • Fire safety
Eine Auflistung der Zertifikate der Software Connect

Connect is certified according to:

  • ISO 27001