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HUMOR HILFT HEILEN and Kieback&Peter are committed

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Kick-off for a 3-year workshop project at the newly built Bethel Children's Centre in Bielefeld. Humor strengthens resilience among caregivers and promotes a healing social climate.

Bonn, Bielefeld, BerlinLaughter is known to be the best medicine: With this in mind, on June 15, 2023, the three project sponsors jointly launched the three-year HUMOR HILFT HEILEN (HHH) project for nurses with the start of the first workshop. The family-owned company Kieback&Peter, specializing in building automation solutions, together with the HUMOR HILFT HEILEN foundation founded by Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen, supports the training of humor as a resource for nurses and to promote a healing social climate in the newly built children's center of the Evangelical Hospital Bethel (EvKB) in Bielefeld.

As part of the joint project, nursing trainees, practical instructors and entire care teams from the children's center at the EvKB - a total of around 300 - are trained on the topic of humor as a resource. In addition, a training day for the practical instructions is planned and finally the HHH curriculum for nursing schools will be integrated into a complete training course (five classes over three years). The majority of the costs for all three formats are covered by Kieback&Peter.

Two techniques, one goal: Humor and building automation help heal

from left to right: Rafael Dalbke (Kieback& Peter), Andreas Bentrup (Head and Trainer HHH), Lea Böttger (Project Manager HHH), Maria Bley (Head HHH), Rubia Phöbe (Head of Nursing Department Children and Adolescents EvKB), Petra Krause (Director of Nursing EvKB), Prof. Winfried Barthlen (Chief Physician, University Clinic for Pediatric and Adolescent Surgery and Pediatric Urology EvKB ǀ © Manuel Bünemann

"In the newly built Bethel Children's Center in Bielefeld, we can help in two ways: We form the interface of all trades of the technical building equipment and thus enable a perfect interaction between heating, cooling and ventilation. Be it for the specially filtered and treated air required for operations, the cooling supply of medical equipment or the feel-good climate in the patient rooms. This is our contribution to trouble-free, energy-efficient and comfortable building operation. On the other hand, through our cooperation with HUMOR HILFT HEILEN, we want to contribute to strengthening a permanently good social climate in all areas of care right from the start," emphasizes Christoph Ritzkat, Chairman of the Management Board of Kieback&Peter. "That's why we support all three training formats of the HUMOR HILFT HEILEN foundation in the new children's center: humor interventions in the training curriculum of nursing trainees, in the training of practical instructions and humor training for all nursing teams," says Ritzkat.

"Kieback&Peter is committed to an all-round successful start of the new Bethel Children's Center," says Maria Bley, head of the HUMOR HILFT HEILEN FOUNDATION. "Thanks to the Berlin-based family business, we at the Bethel Children's Center have the opportunity to strengthen all caregivers with a healthy sense of humor, and thus strengthen a social climate that is conducive to healing right from the start."

"We are happy that Kieback&Peter supports our new children's center, because humor is an important resource to strengthen each individual, to make them more resistant to stress and to make the social climate positive in the long term. We are convinced that the techniques taught by HHH sustainably promote the health and satisfaction of our employees. Ultimately, patients and their relatives will also benefit from this," explains Petra Krause, Director of Nursing at the EvKB.

About the HUMOR HILFT HEILEN foundation

The nationwide foundation HUMOR HILFT HEILEN (HHH) was founded in 2008 by Prof. Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen with the aim of bringing more humanity into medicine and enabling "encounters at eye level - with a wink".  

In an increasingly profit-oriented health care system, it is important to strengthen the humane aspect of human medicine in all phases of life: from music therapy for premature babies to clinic clown rounds in children's wards, in surgical support and in nursing homes, to scientifically accompanied humor professionals in the palliative care ward.   

At the same time, HHH's workshops strengthen nurses with regard to resilience and positive psychology. More and more nursing schools and teams are working with it.  In order to prove the positive effect of humour, HHH supports numerous research projects.

Because: humor helps heal. www.humorhilftheilen.de 

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