The perfect response to increasing demands at the room and building level

Today, more than ever, building operators are faced with major challenges: steadily increasing demands for cost and energy efficiency, optimization of user comfort, demanding climate targets, and, last but not least, the current debates about using VAC plants that ensure healthy indoor air quality. You can meet all these requirements with en:air, the demand-based smart measurement and control technology from Kieback&Peter for central air conditioning and ventilation systems.




en:air – smart ventilation management

Saves energy

Reduces energy consumption by an average of 30 %.

Improves comfort

Optimal indoor climate with no air stratification or drafts.

Complies with legal requirements

Continuous CO₂ control to fulfill legal hygiene requirements.

Eligible for subsidies

Take advantage of the current BEG subsidy for ventilation systems.

en:air optimizes conventionally controlled VAC plants

Comparison of conventional ventilation vs. demand-based ventilation with en:air

en:air uses fans or volume flow controllers to separately regulate the volume flow rate of supply and exhaust air based on CO₂ content, humidity, temperature and user requirements, all while maintaining balanced air flow in the room.

Optimal ventilation management ensures a comfortable indoor climate:

The solution significantly reduces electrical and thermal energy consumption while ensuring a pleasant indoor climate with uniform temperature distribution and no air stratification.


en:air regulates ventilation to meet demand, increases energy efficiency and lowers costs while maintaining good air quality and a pleasant indoor climate.

Three good reasons for demand-based ventilation control with en:air

Reduce energy costs by an average of 30 percent with demand-based supply and exhaust air.

Reduce CO₂ emissions: better for the climate and the environment.

Comfortable indoor climate thanks to optimal mixing of supply and room air: even temperature distribution.

Gregor Molwitz ist Manager für Energieeffizienz bei Kieback&Peter

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