en:hybrid orchestrates the plant room

en:hybrid: Intelligent control instead of conventional stand-alone solutions
en:hybrid: Intelligent control instead of conventional stand-alone solutions ǀ © Kieback&Peter

The flexible and powerful en:hybrid system controller orchestrates the operation of multiple heat or cold generators based on different technologies in a highly efficient manner. Alongside gas- and oil-based heating systems, systems based on renewable energy sources are becoming more and more common – and the heat transition has only intensified this trend even more.

en:hybrid makes sure that the different technologies work together to optimum effect, the supply temperatures are always kept in the optimum range and thus that no more energy than is actually required is consumed. en:hybrid can also incorporate external data sources such as weather forecasts into the control strategy. This means, for example, that a storage unit only charges when there is foreseeable demand, such as a forecast change in the weather.

en:hybrid – pacesetter for hybrid systems

Producer-neutral orchestration

en:hybrid unites all your heat and cold generators in one fine-tuned overall system.

An even energy balance

With freely definable individual operating points for your generators, en:hybrid provides exactly as much energy as your building requires.

Selecting the energy source

Opportunity to define the test criteria for selecting the most efficient generator.

Contribution to climate protection

Even today, en:hybrid is meeting the high future requirements of building automation level B in central heating or cooling plants.

Part of the CO₂ Reduction Roadmap – integration and management of sustainable generators

With its CO₂ Reduction Roadmap, Kieback&Peter offers a package of solutions for reducing buildings’ CO₂ emissions, and en:hybrid is a crucial cornerstone in this regard: The solution serves as a higher-level control system for efficiently integrating climate-neutral energy in a multivalent heating or cooling system. en:hybrid therefore marks another crucial contribution to making the heat transition a success.



en:hybrid optimizes the operation of various heating and cooling systems, saves energy and fulfils future standards, opening up funding opportunities.

Three further advantages of using en:hybrid as pacesetter

Control pays off: en:hybrid can save primary energy in the long term. Once in operation, the control system saves a considerable amount of energy, which can be maximized by optimizing the system hydraulics at the same time.

en:hybrid can be integrated into existing heating control systems.

Ongoing support for plants through remote access, remote maintenance and operational management by experienced Kieback&Peter technicians.

Gregor Molwitz ist Manager für Energieeffizienz bei Kieback&Peter

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