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Youngstar Event: Young foxes and K&P trainees

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Young foxes and trainees from Kieback&Peter on the ball together: for a better world. © Kieback&Peter

Since summer 2023, we at Kieback&Peter have been the main sponsor of Füchse Berlin and a platinum partner of the young foxes. Working with young talent is a key to success for both us and the Foxes, which is why it is a matter close to our hearts to organize a regular exchange between our joint young stars. No sooner said than done.

Day 1 of the Youngstar Event at Kieback&Peter

The Füchse Berlin bus in front of the company headquarters in Tempelhofer Weg. ǀ © Kieback&Peter

The day began with an informative presentation by Christoph Ritzkat (CEO Kieback&Peter) on the topic of "What is building automation". The young foxes and trainees were given a deep insight into the importance of building automation for our society and environmental protection. This was followed by a relaxed BBQ on the roof terrace, which provided a good opportunity for initial networking and refreshments for the day. A special highlight for the trainees was the trip on the Füchse bus - finally experiencing the feeling of the handball pros on their away trips.

Rainer Mahling (Managing Director of the Solution & Support Centre) then took the young foxes and K&P trainees on a tour of the Mittenwalde plant. There they were shown our production facility in Brandenburg and the various work processes behind the K&P products were explained. In addition, our junior staff presented the various career opportunities at Kieback&Peter and gave the young foxes valuable insights into their training and career opportunities.

Day 2 of the Youngstar Event with the Foxes

Our young talents were challenged by the A-youth team of Füchse Berlin in training.  ǀ © Kieback&Peter

On the second day we changed sides. Our trainees were given an exclusive tour of the Foxes' youth academy and gained an insight into one of the best talent factories in Germany.

Another highlight was an intensive but fun training session with the A youth team, who will be German champions in May 2024. The visit of Bundesliga professional and national team player Nils Lichtlein was also a great sign.


Behind the scenes at TU Berlin: the technical center, which is controlled by Kieback&Peter.  ǀ © Kieback&Peter

After the training session, the energy reserves had to be replenished with a meal in the Füchse canteen. The event concluded with a look behind the scenes at the TU Berlin, where our trainees and young players were given an insight into one of our references and the university's innovative building automation system. The focus here was on good and clean air for the students!

The Youngstar event was a great opportunity for our trainees and young people to learn from each other, gain new perspectives and make new contacts. We look forward to the next event!

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