Bethel Children’s Center
Colourful children's hospital: Bethel Children's Centre breaks new ground for young patients © Kieback&Peter

It is one of the largest and most cutting-edge pediatric clinics in Germany: the children’s center “Klinik für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin Bethel” in Bielefeld, Germany, which opened in fall 2023, has 146 beds for hosting more than 10,000 little in-patients and day-patients each year and an emergency department with the most innovative medical technology for treating around 25,000 children annually.

The center is spread over a total area of 15,500 square meters and belongs to the Evangelical Hospital Bethel (EvKB) in Bielefeld. Alongside the cutting-edge technology, the owners placed a particular focus on making the interior and exterior architecture appealing and child-friendly, with the intention of putting the children at ease with a lot of color, creativity and opportunities for play.

New standards and a lot of heart for kids

The maritime-themed reception area of the clinic, with animal friends to guide the way ǀ © Kieback&Peter

Colorful, maritime, joyful – with its bright outer shell, reception area designed as a water world and animal guides to point the way, the new children’s center in the Evangelical Hospital Bethel, Bielefeld is taking extraordinary and pioneering new paths: moving away from an intimidating hospital atmosphere to an appealing space that puts the child at the center of things. As well as the child-friendly design, the clinic relies on safe and modern technical features that are brought together and managed by innovative building automation from Kieback&Peter.


As well as providing intelligent building technology, Kieback&Peter has also gotten involved in the overall Bethel Children’s Center project in a social capacity. The experts in smart building solutions assist with the range of support services provided by the foundation HUMOR HILFT HEILEN (HHH, or “Humor Helps Healing” in English), which was started by Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen, helping to ensure a healing social environment alongside a safe and hygienic indoor climate.


Kieback&Peter takes a holistic approach to getting involved

As we know, laughter is the best medicine: Kieback&Peter at the joint kickoff workshop in June 2023 ǀ © Manuel Bünemann

It is especially important to put young patients at ease before their stay in the clinic. With that in mind, Kieback&Peter takes on a large proportion of the costs for three HUMOR HILFT HEILEN (HHH) training formats at Bethel Children’s Center.


The joint project between Kieback&Peter and HHH supports humorous interventions in the training curriculum of trainee caregivers, training for practical instructors and humor training for all the care teams, to give care staff a healthy dose of humor in their essential work. The much-loved clinic clowns also help the children to feel safe and well through their humorous and empathetic appearances. “It fills us with joy and pride that we got this collaboration off the ground and that we can play our part in providing a good climate in all regards with our support throughout this large-scale project,” says Rafael Dalbke, Building Lifecycle Sales at Kieback&Peter Bielefeld.

Health protection and hygienic air-conditioning

One of the most cutting-edge children’s hospitals in Germany: Bethel Children’s Center ǀ © Kieback&Peter

“Due to the stipulated hygiene and safety requirements, new clinical buildings are among the most challenging of construction projects,” explains Rafael Dalbke. He continues: “The precision conditions are sometimes so complex that they can only be reliably achieved without any issue by basing them on a high-performance automation solution.”


The EvKB has had a valuable collaboration with Kieback&Peter for 20 years, establishing a long-term basis of trust in matters of smart technology and staff expertise. As a result, Kieback&Peter was commissioned with the task of installing a complex building automation system with a connection to the facilities and including higher-level management and operating equipment in the newly built Bethel Children’s Center. It was intended to serve as an interface for linking the facilities of the HVAC systems, heating, cooling, underground parking lot smoke extraction and electronic areas to each other and controlling and monitoring them.

That means the building automation from Kieback&Peter not only provides comfortable and energy-efficient air-conditioning in the clinic, but also ensures health protection and safety in terms of hygienic ventilation technology and fire protection


High Safety and Hygiene Requirements in Critical Infrastructure

The team around Rafael Dalbke (Bielefeld branch) showed great dedication and commitment in developing a suitable holistic automation solution for this challenging project, meeting the technical, climatic and hygiene requirements and safety standards needed in a children’s hospital. For instance, three technology centers with six automation focal points were set up and nine Kieback&Peter DDC4000e automation stations were installed in around 30 switch cabinet fields. In total, the expert staff installed around 1450 physical and 1650 communication data points and around 150 input and output modules with an integrated manual operation level. 

[Translate to English:] Vertriebsingenieur Rafael Dalbke in der Technikzentrale des Krankenhauses bedient Qanteon - die Energie- und Gebäudemanagement-Software
Clear and precise: Qanteon from Kieback&Peter in use ǀ © Kieback&Peter

Qanteon – Flexible to Use and Easy to Operate

Since the Bethel Children’s Center opened, the Kieback&Peter BMS (building management system) Qanteon has taken over the specifically tailored, health-focused and economical operation of the building services. Its user interface is designed to be simple and user friendly and helps staff on the Facility Management team to quickly record and monitor all the operating states and energy flows in each technical center via a 22" panel PC.

In addition, a secure VPN tunnel lets the Kieback&Peter team intervene via remote access if required. Thanks to its scalability, Qanteon can be used in a variety of different building types and enables the integration of cross-facility building systems. All the user interface and IT infrastructure functions have been adapted to the specific requirements of the children’s clinic. 


Safety during hospital operations

[Translate to English:] OP-Saal im Kinderzentrum Bethel
Low-turbulence displacement flow ceilings ensure safe ventilation during operations ǀ © Evangelisches Klinikum Bethel (EvKB)

Safe Ventilation in the Operating Room

Four full air-conditioning systems and 21 zonal devices provide the air-conditioning in the children’s center – managed by the Kieback&Peter building automation. To ensure the highest hygiene safety standards for both little patients and medical personnel in the operating room, Qanteon is also responsible for the challenging task of controlling and monitoring the sterile air-conditioning, which is stringently regulated through statutory provisions. One zonal device for air circulation and one zonal device for ventilation in the operating room are installed in the ceiling. The low-turbulence displacement flow blows all the sterile air into the operating room through high-performance particulate air filters.


Digital Fire Protection with a High Degree of Safety

Kieback&Peter ensures safety in the event of fire and excessive exhaust gas pollution: the BMS controls the fire dampers throughout the building and the smoke extraction vents in the underground parking lot. To make sure the latter works without fail, the team uses the Agnosys fire safety system. It means a life-saving operation does not have to be aborted immediately in the event of fire. Around 220 Agnosys fire damper modules and 6 fire damper bus controllers, which are certified with a high level of safety, are installed for this purpose.


Maximum Reliability

“Our building automation forms the essential backbone of smooth clinic operations, so the clinic can fully protect people’s safety and health. The failure rate of our automation stations is close to zero, which means we can meet our obligations in this regard with maximum reliability,” explains Holger Flachmann, Project Manager at Kieback&Peter Bielefeld. Even in the event of network failures and more, the automation stations continue to run autonomously.  


A project close to the heart of Kieback staff from Bielefeld

Rafael Dalbke, Sales Engineer at the Bielefeld branch, in the hospital technology center ǀ © Kieback&Peter

The team invested over 2400 hours of work in the task. Above all, the excellent collaboration between the individual departments and the untiring commitment of the Bielefeld K&P team made a major contribution to the success of this challenging project.


On this subject, Rafael Dalbke mentions: “As a family man myself, I am very well aware of the importance and necessity of a children’s clinic. I put a lot of heart and soul into this project. The collaboration with HUMOR HILFT HEILEN rounds the whole thing off nicely and lets us support the clinic in a special way.”

Building automation in the Bethel Children’s Center: Efficiency and safety from Kieback&Peter © Kieback&Peter

Bethel Children’s Center – The Technology at a Glance:

  • Cross-facility building and room automation and fire protection solution through Kieback&Peter Qanteon BMS
  • Three technology centers, six automation focal points
  • 30 switch cabinet fields, 9 DDC4000e units as top-hat rail controllers, 150 input and output modules, and 1500 physical and 1000 communication data points
  • Sterile ventilation controlled via low-turbulence displacement flow ceilings in the operating rooms
  • Fire protection dampers controlled via Agnosys protocol (ring bus system with BACnet interfaces), 220 Agnosys fire damper modules and 6 fire damper bus controllers