space2move office park
The space2move office park in Vienna offers 69,300 square meters of flexibly divisible office and commercial space. Kieback&Peter has networked all building services systems in a single smart automation solution to maximize energy efficiency. © Kieback&Peter

The LEED-certified space2move office park spans an area of 69,300 square meters and consists of state-of-the-art, ultra-flexible office and business premises built between 2009 and 2015 in the Muthgasse urban quarter in the north of Vienna. Raiffeisen Property Holding planned and constructed the commercial complex in two phases. The aim of the space2move project was to provide inhabitants with both individually customizable spaces and maximum comfort combined with optimum energy efficiency. Kieback&Peter is considered an expert in these types of technical challenges and was therefore commissioned by HVAC general contractor Engie to integrate all the building services systems in a single smart automation solution.

The size of seven football fields

When it comes to innovative office and retail space, users expect more from innovative office and retail space than just rigidly spaced rooms. That's why space2move decided to flexibly adapt the floor plan to suit individual needs. This was the first challenge for the team from the Kieback&Peter Vienna branch. For example, if the floor plans of office or conference areas were to be subsequently changed, the heating and ventilation controls would also need to be adapted accordingly. The client also commissioned the automation experts to design all networked building services systems to be as energy and resource-efficient as possible at all times. The smart solution provided by Kieback&Peter should also give space2move a real shot at winning a low-energy design award. Among other requirements, the team was to network the heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems of all office spaces as well as a pharmacy, a restaurant, a kindergarten and the smart parking spaces. They also had the task of integrating energy meters, frequency converters and third-party ventilation units into their digital control system. This was an interesting challenge given the total area of approximately seven football fields.

Flexibility offers infinite opportunities

Both the floor plans and the supply technology should be flexibly adaptable. The automation team from Kieback&Peter Vienna planned an optimal complete solution. The key components supplied by Kieback&Peter consisted of more than 1,500 individual bus-capable RCN room control systems certified according to eu.bac, which would be centrally connected to the building management system. This system allows the building automation to be easily adapted during conversions, since all the systems in a room are centrally controlled. Kieback&Peter also supplied an RBW control panel in almost every room in the office park. This allows users to customize the default heating, air conditioning and ventilation settings according to their preferences. The Occupied button on the RBW control element contributes to considerable energy savings. This button functions as follows: For each rental unit, regular usage times and setpoint temperature values are stored in the automation system. Outside of these times, the system lowers the room temperature by 4 Kelvin in order to save energy ("night reduction"). If a user wants to work outside of these regular times, for example after 6 pm or on weekends, he simply needs to press the Occupied button to heat up the respective room to the default temperature. All other rooms remain in energy-saving mode.

50% less energy consumption thanks to 25% reduction in volume flow

Another feature that contributes to the energy efficiency of space2move is the CO2 sensors in the meeting rooms: These sensors precisely regulate the ventilation according to requirements based on the respective air quality so that, despite the varying number of people in the room, the air always corresponds to the setpoint values. Energy-intensive "over-ventilation" is no longer a problem. Operating costs are minimized as a result. For example, if the volume flow of the ventilation system is reduced by 25% due to low occupancy of the room, the power consumption during this period drops by 50% compared to unregulated full load operation.

Centralized control ensures comfortable ambient conditions at all times

All sensors, including temperature and CO2 sensors, and actuators, e.g. heating valves or ventilation damper actuators, situated at 9,500 physical data points in the building constantly communicate with their superordinate management system, the smart DDC4000 controllers from Kieback&Peter. These controllers operate from 12 control cabinets (information centers). This is where the switching and control functions of the system take place. In turn, each of these flexible and powerful building automation computers communicates with the higher-level building management system Neutrino BMS, the highest level in the hierarchy. The Neutrino BMS software runs on a server in the equipment room of space2move and visualizes all system statuses. The software can be controlled from a fixed operating station or a mobile operating station. Facility managers can use the intuitive system schema to view all operating conditions in real time, adjust target specifications if required or analyze malfunctions. In the event of faults in system components, for example a defective pump in the heating circuit, the building technicians automatically receive a notification by SMS around the clock.

Exemplary integration of third party systems

The smart system provided by the team from Kieback&Peter Vienna also regulates the functions of the integrated third-party devices at space2move: The energy meters for heat, cold and hot water are integrated via the M-Bus protocol, the frequency inverters for variable ventilation control are connected via BACnet/MSTP and the ventilation units are connected via BACnet/IP. During work on the space2move project, the automation experts celebrated a number of successes: During every stage of construction, the team was delighted with the timely and flawless completion and commissioning of its systems. The team was also proud of the gold LEED certification awarded to space2move thanks in part to the automation solution provided by Kieback&Peter.

The space2move office development at Muthgasse 24-34 in Vienna has been awarded the gold LEED certificate for its sustainable low-energy design. This was thanks in part to the building automation solution from Kieback&Peter.
space2move also received gold-standard LEED certification thanks to the energy-efficient automation system from Kieback&Peter, which intelligently controls heating, air conditioning and ventilation. © Kieback&Peter

space2move, Vienna – Technology at a Glance:

  • Integration of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and third-party products in one system
  • Real-time monitoring using the Neutrino BMS building management software
  • Global standard BACnet used for communication at the management and automation levels
  • 12 information centers with 16 DDC4000 automation stations
  • 9,500 physical data points