Sportresidenz Zillertal
The Kieback&Peter solution combines energy efficiency with more comfort for the guests. © Schultz Gruppe

Holiday makers with high expectations get their money's worth at the four-star Sportresidenz Zillertal. The boutique hotel and golf course opened in 2014 in sun-kissed Tirol in Austria. Its dream location in the Alps sees all kinds of summer and winter sports enthusiasts come for a wide variety of activities. As well as its extensive sports, spa and wellness facilities, hotel guests can enjoy gourmet cuisine from the restaurant and relax in the bar and wine lounge. Smart technology from Kieback&Peter works in the background to ensure increased visitor comfort. It controls the technical systems in the building, providing efficient and smooth operation – even through remote access where necessary.

Maximum Comfort for Guests – Simple Handling for the Operator

The client Heinz Schultz had been searching for a reliable automation solution from a single source for the Sportresidenz Zillertal: This solution had to meet the high expectations of hotel guests in relation to comfort on the one hand. On the other hand, the operator wanted an integrated system which integrated all of the plants and allowed him to manage them with ease.

The experts at Kieback&Peter had to develop a convenient closed-loop control system for heating, ventilating and cooling 18 double rooms, 4 suites, the wellness areas and the restaurants. They were also commissioned to optimize the provision of energy and water throughout the building, including the pools. Furthermore, they had to work technology from third parties into their plan – including pumps, fan coils, solar plants and heat recovery systems.

Since the corporate group owned by the Schultz family includes numerous ski areas and hotel and restaurant businesses in Austria, efficient and secure management from headquarters was of particular importance. For Sportresidenz Zillertal, Kieback&Peter therefore had to provide software that the operator can use to monitor, control and optimize the plants around the clock. Not only in the hotel, but also from the Schultz group headquarters. To do so, the system has to record all of the relevant energy consumers and data points.

Stunning view over the Sportresidenz Zillertal.
Stunning view over the Sportresidenz Zillertal. © Schultz Gruppe

Decentralized individual room control

Kieback&Peter developed a custom solution for Sportresidenz Zillertal that benefits both the operator and guests: In the 22 luxury rooms, a sophisticated individual room control system now ensures that heating, ventilation and cooling combine in the optimum way to satisfy requirements. Actuators, sensors and controllers are connected to each other via a LON®network and integrated into the building automation system. The hotel also uses decentralized closed-loop control via LON®in its wellness and restaurant areas.

Kieback&Peter has also set up four mechanical equipment rooms in the building that are each equipped with a DDC4000-system automation station. The flexible and powerful controllers control air preparation in eight zones and ensure the optimal provision and distribution of resources: Heat, cooling, hot water, bath water, the solar plant and heat recovery – everything is controlled by four DDC4000s. Pumps, counters, frequency inverters and other technologies are connected to the automation stations via bus systems.

Thanks to the Neutrino BMS software from Kieback&Peter, the operator can now oversee and manage the entire building automation system – from monitoring plants and consumption to rapid access in the event of emergencies. With the PHWIN software module, employees at Schultz group headquarters can also access the building management system for the hotel at any time – remote access is provided via a secure VPN tunnel.

Innenansicht des Sporthotels Zillertal
Feel-good atmosphere inside the hotel. © Schultz Gruppe

Sportresidenz Zillertal – A Summary of the Technology:

  • HVAC single room control via the LON network for 22 luxury rooms, wellness area, restaurant and bar
  • Four DDC4000 automation stations control the provision, distribution and preparation of resources (air, water, energy, heat, cooling, etc.) 
  • Integration of external providers via bus systems: Pumps, counters, frequency inverters, solar plant and heat recovery
Restaurant inside the Sportresidenz Zillertal
Restaurant inside the Sportresidenz Zillertal © Schultz Gruppe

Sportresidenz Zillertal - A Summary of the Technology:

  • Monitoring, control and optimization of all building automation using Neutrino BMS software
  • Access to the building management system on location and through secure remote access via a VPN internet tunnel and the PHWIN software module