cube berlin
cube berlin - the most intelligent office building in Europe with automation solution from Kieback&Peter © Kieback&Peter

Unique inside and out: the cube berlin located in the center of the German capital. The solitaire designed by Danish architecture firm 3XN installed near the main train station impresses with its spectacular prism-like glass façade. Behind the multi-faceted reflective shell, the fully digitalized office building also sets new standards for smart commercial structures — with pioneering technology developed by Berlin smart building experts Kieback&Peter.

Awarded: WiredScore certificate for highest digital connectivity and future-proofing

The cube’s design innovation is evidenced by the globally recognized WiredScore certification in platinum. The certificate confirms the building's "best in class" standard in digital connectivity combined with smart technologies. Kieback&Peter's intelligent, future-proof hardware and software solutions for end-to-end networked building automation made a decisive contribution to this achievement.

Smart commercial building reimagined: digital building automation combined with artificial intelligence

The spectacular glass cube, completed in February 2020, was designed as a completely new type of building. On board: a team of specialists from Kieback&Peter's Berlin/Brandenburg branch. The objective: a smart commercial building that enables the most efficient management and the best possible user comfort through a combination of digital building automation and artificial intelligence (AI). It accomplishes this by continuously changing internal conditions such as tenant structure, room and space utilization, and external factors such as temperature and climate. This is how the property becomes truly "smart": through complete digitization and networking, the self-learning system constantly analyzes and interprets building technology and user data. The cube "recognizes" the needs of its users to continually optimize its operation. In concrete terms, this means: sustainably reduced costs compared to similar buildings — especially in terms of energy consumption, maintenance and personnel — while simultaneously providing the highest level of comfort.

To achieve this, the Kieback&Peter team installed 3,750 sensors and actuators throughout the building (temperature and CO2 sensors, heating valves, ventilation flap) and physically connected them to DDC controllers responsible for open- and closed-loop control tasks. The unique challenge here: integrating all trades and various network protocols into a uniform interface with the aim of networking all physical and digital data points, which will then be transferred to the central control unit. This allows for smooth interaction of the automation solution with the building management level.

Individually configuring room comfort via app

Tenants and office users can conveniently determine their desired workplace temperature individually via the cube's proprietary app — regardless of which office they’ve selected for the workday. Setting the desired room conditions is also possible via an operating onsite device. Over 260 energy-autonomous wireless room control units were integrated into the automation solution for this purpose. The system "remembers" the individual settings for climate control, lighting and sun protection as the user's personal preferences.


Optimized heating and cooling: blind slat angle moves with the sun

For the 950 system-integrated sun protection blinds, a thermo-automatic system regulates the light and heat input by means of the slat angle according to the sun’s position. The automatic system has been optimally adapted by Kieback&Peter according to the functions of the combined heating/cooling ceilings across the cube’s ten floors. This automation prevents overheating in the summer and the heating system can be relieved in winter by solar gains. The result: minimized energy use and optimized user comfort.
In addition, the building’s solar shading is automatically raised when safety functions such as fire alarms or storms are triggered.

Individual comfortable climate thanks to 6-way valves with smart control

To ensure the desired temperature always prevails in each office and rental space, the room temperature is recorded via wireless room control units. Depending on the measured value from the room temperature sensor and the setpoint on the controller, the 6-way valves in the heating/cooling ceiling systems are automatically adjusted to meet the individual heating or cooling requirements. The 50 valves per floor are controlled via the BACnet MS/TP network protocol.


Kieback&Peter as a system integrator

Kieback&Peter's integral system solutions for the "smart" cube berlin show that digitalized building automation combined with artificial intelligence is no longer just a vision, but a proven reality in practice. With a future-oriented concept, the office building combines economy, comfort, security and an efficient, sustainable use of resources. These are precisely the values that have driven Kieback&Peter since the company’s inception nearly a century ago.


All HVAC systems in the cube berlin are centrally controlled by the Kieback&Peter building control system. © Kieback&Peter

cube berlin - Technology at a glance

  • Building control system with approx. 15,000 visualized data points
  • Communication based on the international standard BACnet
  • Energy-autonomous wireless room control units (EnOcean)
  • Demand-based CO2 control in the conference areas
  • Control of 15 air conditioning systems via DDC 4040e controller
  • Control of 45 heating and cooling outlets
  • Optimal use and control of 3x 12 m³ heat storage tanks and 2x 5 m³ cold storage tanks in the basement
  • Control of 2 refrigeration machines incl. recoolers and free cooling
  • Activation and control of approx. 450 fire dampers