Prince de Galles Hotel
Discerning guests and international celebrities enjoy their time at the “Prince de Galles” hotel. Building automation from Kieback&Peter provides just the right atmosphere. © Kieback&Peter

"Prince de Galles” is one of the most exclusive luxury hotels in the heart of Paris. It is located on Avenue George V, placing it among the French capital’s most famous attractions along the majestic Champs-Élysées. The legendary Lido Cabaret, the Arc de Triomphe and the Grand Palais are only steps away. In 2013, the management decided to embark on a 150 million euro renovation of the building, which was built in 1928 in the Art Deco style. By installing state-of-the-art technology, they sought to ensure that the hotel’s guests – which include many international celebrities – could continue to enjoy the hotel’s unmatched luxury well into the future. Kieback&Peter was commissioned to incorporate an intelligent building automation system for maximum comfort and convenience. The project also required smart closed-loop control systems and extensive monitoring in order to reduce energy consumption.

Major Work Under a Tight Deadline

The mission of the “Prince de Galles” hotel, which belongs to the international Marriott Group, is perfection down to the last detail. To achieve this goal, it draws on a rich tradition of excellence in service, amenities and ambiance. In the future, this tradition will be supported by technology from Kieback&Peter to ensure that every guest feels as comfortable as possible – with smart and customized closed-loop control systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The biggest challenge for Kieback&Peter’s technicians was to adhere to the extremely tight schedule with absolutely firm completion deadlines. After all, the hotel should not be out of operation any longer than planned.

159 rooms, 44 suites, a foyer, restaurants, bars, a spa, a fitness center and countless other secondary rooms needed to be integrated into a new building automation system from Kieback&Peter. Each guest should be able to individually set the temperature of their home away from home. At the same time, the hotel wanted to centrally view and control these individually set values in order to prevent loss of comfort in case of user error. For Kieback&Peter, this meant combining heating, ventilation and air conditioning into a unified, modern, energy-efficient system. 

The first class hotel Prince de Galles offers luxury rooms and suites.
The building automation system from Kieback&Peter ensures maximum comfort in every room of the “Prince de Galles” luxury hotel. © Kieback&Peter

Comfort for Guests – and for Staff

For Nicolas Tellier of the Paris branch of Kieback&Peter, the first task in the hotel project was to make the impossible possible: In order to complete all the building automation work on time, he had to use the narrow time windows allowed by the construction schedule extremely efficiently. His solution: a 24-hour operation with two teams at the construction site. In addition to specialists from the Paris branch, Patrick Octor’s team of technicians from the Lyon branch of Kieback&Peter also assisted with the project. The result: Kieback&Peter completed the entire building automation system for the “Prince de Galles” hotel on time and in accordance with the contract. In addition to the demanding schedule, the experts from Kieback&Peter also had to overcome numerous technical challenges. To come up with the best solutions to specific problems, the teams collaborated closely with the general contractor in charge.

At the heart of Kieback&Peter’s building automation system for the “Prince de Galles” hotel is the Neutrino BMS building management system. It operates as the central control and monitoring software, runs on a server in the building’s equipment room and communicates with all the building services via cabling/IP. A flat screen monitor with an intuitive graphic user interface displays all components and values of the entire system. This allows the facility managers to conveniently view the parameters of all plant components and adjust them if necessary. The computer in the hotel’s main office is also connected to the Neutrino BMS over the network. Hotel management can therefore ensure, for example, that rooms do not cool down if guests accidentally set their room controller too low. The management can access and correct the values from the convenience of their office. The Kieback&Peter system also prevents disruptions in comfort in the case of technical malfunctions: If there is a fault in one of the plant components, for example a damper actuator in the ventilation system, the Neutrino BMS automatically sends a message to the facility management’s cell phone. This ensures fast response times no matter when the fault occurs.

While the Neutrino BMS control and monitoring software acts as the virtual user interface for the building automation system, information centers throughout the hotel work hard behind the scenes. They handle the physical switching operations of the plants. They are located in eleven switch cabinets, which are distributed throughout the building. These information centers employ the powerful and flexible DDC4200 and DDC4002 controllers from Kieback&Peter. They communicate with the Neutrino BMS, with each other and with field devices located at approximately 5,000 physical data points. Gateways also operate in the information centers. They convert the control signals from the hotel’s third-party controllers into digital signals for the DDCs.

The actual work of the Kieback&Peter building automation system in the “Prince de Galles” hotel is performed by field devices, i.e. sensors and actuators that are distributed throughout the building. The sensors, such as volume flow sensors in the ventilation system, record current data and send it to the DDC automation stations. The actuators, such as positioning actuators in the heating system, execute control commands from the DDCs. The building automation system is designed as a unified system to ensure that the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems operate with maximum energy efficiency: It makes sure that the exact amount of energy required at each location in the hotel is always available. This ensures that the guests are always comfortable – which is the top priority of this luxury hotel in the city of love.

Entrance of the hotel Prince de Galles in Paris
159 rooms and 44 suites are spread over eight floors in the luxury hotel "Prince de Galles" in Paris. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are controlled by smart building automation from Kieback&Peter. © Kieback&Peter

“Prince de Galles” Hotel, Paris – Technology at a Glance:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning integrated in a single system
  • Real-time monitoring using the Neutrino BMS building management software
  • Global standard BACnet used for communication at the management and automation levels                            
  • 11 information centers with 4 DDC4200 and 4 DDC4002 automation stations
  • 5000 physical data points