Warnemünde Cruise Center 8
15 million euros have been invested by the city, the state, and Rostock Port to expand the Rostock-Warnemünde location as a starting point for trips by sea. | © ROSTOCK PORT/nordlicht

After two years of construction, the new cruise terminal "Warnemünde Cruise Center 8" (WCC8) opened in Rostock-Warnemünde in July 2020. Two new and ultra-modern buildings have been erected on around 3,000 square meters to replace the temporary terminal tent. While one building is completely dedicated to handling the expected 900,000 passengers per year, the two-storey service building houses the port administration, the tourism center, and customs. 15 million euros have been invested by the city, the state, and Rostock Port to expand the Rostock-Warnemünde location as a starting point for trips by sea. An investment that not only pays off in the image of the Baltic seaside resort. It also sustainably improves the comfort of cruise ship passengers and the working conditions of the many port employees.

Just cruising

Construction work started in winter 2018/2019 with the deep foundation and concreting of the foundation slab. In 2019, building construction began. That same summer, the Kieback&Peter branch office in Rostock received the order from the terminal operator Rostock Port to plan the ICE equipment for the technical building services – and to implement it afterwards. However, the focus was not merely on a comfortable operation of the building services. The use of energy should be highly efficient, and the display of energy costs incurred as transparent as possible. After all, the only way for the port of Rostock to become the most sustainable port in the Baltic Sea region. In August 2019, the team from the Rostock branch finally started construction work.


Challenge accepted

After a construction period of around two years, the new WCC 8 cruise terminal opened in July 2020. Kieback&Peter is responsible for the technical building services. | © Kieback&Peter

A tight schedule should not remain the only challenge. More than ever, the spreading corona virus required good organization and disciplined work. Since early March 2020, the company has dispensed with all attendance appointments such as building consultations or site inspections, which are essential for the completion of the terminal. Instead, all communication within the team, with the customer or the planner was carried out via digital channels. The motivated Kieback&Peter staff even managed to shorten the deadline – made possible by good coordination and communication between the trades and, of course, the client.


More efficiency and transparency, please!

The Kieback&Peter team of the hanseatic city of Rostock knows all about efficient solutions. To "tailor" an optimal and energy-efficient project, the usage behavior was coordinated closely with the operator and planner:

The facilities in Rostock and Warnemünde are to be operated and managed in a resource-saving manner; for maximum flexibility and rapid intervention, personnel require decentralized access to the facilities. Finally, a comprehensive building control system in the highly complex building operation should enable and simplify the implementation and control of energy-saving measures.

The technicians installed a total of 7 information points (ISP) – 2 control cabinets in the service building and additional 5 in the dispatch terminal. At the automation level, 7 DDC4040e controllers monitor and control the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in the entire building complex.

Kieback&Peter set up Qanteon for the central monitoring and control of the entire building automation. At all times, the integrated energy and building management system keeps an eye on all consumption, savings potential and key performance indicators and guarantees safe and efficient building operation. Various analytical tools enable uncomplicated optimization of the systems. In addition, the Rostock and Warnemünde plants now have decentralized access via a secure connection – a gain in efficiency not only in terms of energy, but also working time on site.

Cast off!

The project was successfully completed in August 2020 with the network and BMS connection of the plants. As soon as the travel regulations for cruises allow it again, the Cruise Center 8 in Warnemünde is set to go live: Weigh anchor, hoist the sails. Kieback&Peter wishes you a fair wind and a following sea!

The new Cruise Center 8 in Warnemünde sustainably improves the comfort of cruise passengers and the working conditions of port employees. | © ROSTOCK PORT/nordlicht

Warnemünde Cruise Center 8 – Technology at a glance

  • Energy saving and comfort: Demand-oriented control of the ventilation system by the DDC4000 automation system with Qanteon
  • 7 information centers with 7 DDC4040e to control the supply, distribution and conditioning of air, water, heat and cold
  • Global standard BACnet used for communication at the management and automation levels
  • 700 physical data points