Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport T2G terminal
Kieback&Peter’s smart building automation system offers maximum comfort throughout the 20,421 m2 T2G terminal at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. © Jordan Tan /

Paris Charles de Gaulle is the second largest airport in Europe serving around 70 million passengers per year. In 2008 the airport was expanded with its new T2G terminal. This serves three million passengers a year traveling between Paris and regional destinations as well as within Europe. Welcoming architecture, comfortable furnishings and a wide range of high-end shops and restaurants makes it a pleasant place to pass the time for travelers and staff alike. Michelin-starred chef Thierry Marx’s restaurant is not the only facility offering the highest level of quality in this terminal though — the building technology is also first-class. The plant engineers, Electrofluid, commissioned Kieback&Peter to integrate heating, ventilation and air conditioning in the 20,421 m2 new building using a smart building automation system. As well as providing for the efficient operation of the technical systems, it needed to guarantee maximum comfort in particular.

Giving it All for the Perfect Solution

Their first experience of working at the world-renowned Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport was a special honor for Kieback&Peter’s branch in Paris. The client and building contractors had the highest expectations that the automation experts would deliver the perfect solution. The integration of automation was scheduled to take six months, although the team was already working at full capacity in this time period on other orders. A further challenge was that particularly innovative control elements were required — far above 2008’s regular standards. The team set to work with this challenging briefing.

Keeping an Easy Overview of the Technology

Well thought-out advance planning in the office and close cooperation with the installation companies on the construction site were part of the recipe for success of the Paris experts from Kieback&Peter in this showcase project. All the available branch office resources were pulled together, so that all the client’s requirements could be fulfilled punctually and properly. The result — a compact building automation system that can be easily operated from a central workstation. It´s heart is the Neutrino BMS building management system from Kieback&Peter. This is a central monitoring and control software that works on a server in T2G terminal’s technical room and schematically displays all connected systems on a screen using a PC. Facility managers can view all target and actual values with just a few clicks and, if necessary, change parameters such as the temperature in the check-in, boarding or shopping areas.  

The automation solution keeps its ear to the ground through the field devices distributed over the entire terminal at a total of around 1,000 physical data points: sensors and actuators. These report actual values, such as air temperature or CO2 content (sensors), and execute commands, for example in the heating circuit valve actuators. Five powerful and flexible Kieback&Peter DDC4200 controllers work to connect the field devices to the building management system. They communicate with the Neutrino BMS, with each other as well as with field devices via BACnet. The controllers form the heart of the automation process, issuing the actual control commands.

Schild am Flughafen Charles de Gaulles
The T2G terminal serves up to three million passengers a year. Kieback&Peter’s smart closed-loop control ensures the smooth operation of the building technology. © Kieback&Peter

Innovation you can touch

The team also fulfilled the client's desire for tangible innovation with touch controls from Kieback&Peter, which were far from being standard on the market in 2008. This resulted in a successful automation solution that contributes significantly to the feel-good atmosphere in this international airport’s 2TG terminal. Passengers can not only enjoy excellent shopping, food and drink, but also feel completely comfortable in all areas.